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Hot Springs Thermal Mineral Pools

Enjoy immersing in Hot Springs' acclaimed mineral-rich, thermal waters. We offer four thermal pools, all located under a gorgeous skylight of stained glass. 

Hot Springs' waters have been enjoyed for thousands of  years - in fact, Hot Springs water has been Carbon-14 dated at 4,000 years old and is high in silica, calcium, magnesium, free carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, and sulfate. Native Americans began visiting this valley as common ground - a peaceful, neutral site dedicated to healing. Now it's your turn to indulge in its luxury. 


We Care About Your Safety 

Due to social distancing, our steam cave will be closed until further notice and our public pools are being kept at a very limited capacity. 

If you have had a fever of 100 degrees or greater in the last two days, came into contact with an individual known to have COVID-19 in the past fourteen days, or have developed a cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell you will not be permitted into our facility. 

Individuals who have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or are pregnant will not be permitted in the public pools, private baths, or steam cave. Individuals who are menstruating will not be permitted into the public pools. We do not offer any massage services for individuals who have a blood clot or are pregnant.  These services are also not recommended if you have high/low blood pressure or a heart condition that is not under control with medication. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY SERVICES FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 14. 

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